A Simple Simple Short Shot

Donald Trump Needed Social Media Marketing Management Tools

Having someone oversee his twitter account could have kept Trump’s image from turning into that of a sexist, racist, maniacal social media marketing trainwreck.

Two days before the presidential election Trump’s aides took away his Twitter account to “control his image”. Trump allegedly had to dictate his tweets to his press team who then edited the content before posting them. They contained the same message without all the crazy. Imagine what his account could have looked like if someone had edited his tweets for his entire campaign?

If Trump’s press team had a tool like Social Guard they would have had the opportunity to edit his tweets before they went live. They could have maintained an image of Trump that had his voice, without the problematic language and attitude that produced many inflammatory tweets. It’s a tool that should be used by political parties, sports and entertainment agents to ensure the image of their clients online.

For all the appalling, funny, true, and dishonest tweets from the Real Donald J Trump, check out the searchable Trump Twitter Archive.

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