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7 Tricks for Subject Lines That get Eblasts Opened

Email marketing is fantastic digital advertising to your online followers - if people read the messaging.

Email lists are an extremely useful tool for reaching your target audience, but your eblast will get zero traction if no one opens it. The difference between someone reading or ignoring your email often comes down to the subject line, so it’s worth spending time perfecting the copy. Here are 7 ways that will help you convert on your email database marketing.

1. Personalization

Adding a proper name to the subject line makes the email feel more personal, instead of like a generic spam message. You can personalize emails with a third party email automation company like Campaign Monitor, or you can use words like ‘your’ that imply it’s just for that reader. If you’re targeting one city or province it helps to add that location to the subject line to make the email seem more local.

2. Urgency

Time or product scarcity increases a person’s need for immediacy. Lines such as “only one day left”, “limited spaces available” or “only 15 left in stock” urges people to stop thinking about their purchase and just to charge their credit card. Some studies show a clickthrough rate increase of 15% with a urgent subject line.

3. Punctuation!

Adding a question mark or an exclamation mark to your subject line makes it seem more exciting or more interesting which makes the email stand out in the consumer’s inbox. However, resist the urge to add two as this can make it seem too pushy or aggressive.

4. Intrigue

A great subject line gives enough details that it’s interesting, but not so many that it gives away all the intrigued. Also known as “The Curiosity Gap” this type of clickbait makes the reader need to know more, encouraging them to click on the email to find out what this ‘best deal ever’ could be!

5. Exclusivity

When a person feels like they have the inside track they’re more likely to act on a promotion or deal. Promising readers that it’s an email only offer or a member exclusive deal makes them more likely to click on the email to find out about the promotion.

6. Seasonal Interests

Consider what’s happening psychologically at that time of year. Consumers are more interested in baking tips in December but healthy menu choices in January. Leverage this to your advantage by including it in the subject line.

7. Numbers

Lists are easier to process, and the promise of how items will be presented encourage people to explore the message when they know they have a finite amount of things to read.

And remember: TEST YOUR EMAIL! Don’t send it out to everyone on your list until you can be sure it’s displaying properly.