Now Hiring

Simple Simple has positions available in Calgary and Victoria for web developers, ad buyers, analysts, and interns

We are currently hiring experienced individuals who are looking to join a close team that works on campaigns from inception through to reporting.

We’re a fast growing Calgary advertising agency that specializes in solving marketing and process solutions with our particular creative digital bent. We work closely with the marketing and management teams of large national and international brands to help them release websites and brand campaigns across multiple digital channels. We’re relaxed, committed, and operate like a team.


We work with clients to create business strategy that extends their market reach through effective advertising segmentation, social content creation, and mobile web design.

We create realistic digital business plans that takes into account short and long term client goals, while anticipating the fast-paced changes in the digital advertising world.

We help clients learn to capture, and then to make sense of their data so that they can better advertise their strengths, convert better on sales goals, and create more impactful decisions around their digital media.