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Brands on Facebook Live and their online personas - social media marketing for big brands!

How big hospitality (Denny's, IHOP, Disney) companies are advertising on Facebook’s streaming digital platform.

The power of Facebook Live was demonstrated during the US presidential election – 46 million viewers watched NBC News’ Facebook Live presentation of the electoral map as votes rolled in. According to Facebook, those same live videos get ten times as many comments as regular videos posts. Few brands have used this platform to develop their voice or their relationship with consumers, unlike celebrities and personalities using the online space for Q&A segments, like this one by Giada De Laurentiis from the Food Network.  

So, how are some big hospitality brands handling Facebook Live?

Denny’s Restaurant

Denny’s animated a pancake and he hosted a Breakfast Stuff Network show.
The Denny’s Grand Slam animated pancake character is not new to the internet, and Denny’s has created an entire lineup of “breakfast sweethearts” called Pancake, Bacon, Egg, Sausage and Hashbrown — they even have their own web series and tumblr. For their Facebook Live stream they created more than 200 facial expressions and movements that allowed animators to interact with users in real time.

During this live event the giveaway site received ~14,000 unique visitors, and gave away 1,500 items. The live video got almost 9,000 views and 10,000 engagements, and the post including the video after live event had another 7,000 views and 4,000 engagements. Not bad for a talking pancake.


IHOP kept it simple with this relaxing table full of pancakes just chillin’ on the beach.

Who would watch pancakes for two hours? Apparently hundreds of thousands of people.  Interestingly, this video is IHOP’s highest performing video so far, with 385,000 views totally 171,000 minutes. They used the video to interact with their audience through comments and engagements while the picturesque pancakes enjoyed a day on the beach.

Shanghai Disney

Disney opened a new resort in Shanghai and streamed the opening ceremonies on Facebook. 

This platform is an excellent way to share this event with the world, and possibly increase visitors over the coming months. The video posted after the live event has over 525,000 views, and almost 5,000 comments.

Quick facts brands should know about Facebook Live:

  • You can boost a post about an upcoming live video.
  • You can’t boost live videos.
  • You can boost a live video after you’ve completed them.
  • You can stream directly from a computer to the Facebook Live API.
  • Facebook is beta testing 15 second mid-roll ads in live streaming video
  • 59% of Americans don’t know that Facebook Live exists.


Live video may be the next advertising frontier for Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is certain video is the future of the internet, favouring video in the Facebook news stream algorithm, and pushing mid-roll advertising in their streaming.

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