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Desktop and Mobile Options For Live Streaming Video - Suggestions for Social Media Marketing

Digging into Facebook Live, Periscope and Hype as an outlet for advertisers, brands and small businesses.


If you haven’t heard of Hype, don’t be discouraged – it’s the new project from the makers of Vine and for now it’s not tied with any social media platform. It’s still in beta form, but promises to be a way for users to blend saved video with live video; add animations, stickers and music; and can be shared on social media or directly with friends. The interface is more like Vine with an emphasis on being quick, fun and creative rather than polished and produced – unlike the changes being made at Periscope.


Periscope just launched Periscope Producer, a way for users to stream video from devices other than your phone. This means multiple camera angles, higher quality video and edited content streamed on Periscope.tv and on Twitter. For now, those allowed to use this technology is limited, restricted to only a few big names like Disney and the NFL, Louis Vuitton broadcast their fashion show recently and it has been viewed over a half a million times. This new professional streaming approach is certainly going to change what a creative agency can offer a client, essentially giving brands a new outlet for commercials, but with a measureable ROI.

Facebook Live:

Facebook Live rolled out streaming video without much hoopla, and offered the most direct live streaming capabilities. Users can ‘go live’ from within the app, and can find livestreams from around the world on their Facebook Live Map. They’ve hedged their bets on their demographic, adding fun Snapchat inspired Halloween lenses, but are also highlighting news-worthy live feeds such as a Trump rally that currently has 3000 viewers on ABC15 Arizona News at the time of this writing. They’re working on developing augmented reality capabilities that sit somewhere in the middle between kitsch and produced and have yet to iron out some kinks – namely why Facebook Live has such little prominence in the news feed.

Streaming video is still an emerging force in the advertising industry – it’s gaining considerable traction with news and other media outlets, and Twitter recently gave up on Vine… perhaps to devote more attention to their Periscope service?

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