A Simple Simple Short Shot

Google's Tilt Brush is a nice view of the future for content creators and web developers.

A Virtual Reality app that illustrates what a game changer headsets will be for artists, advertisers, web designers and gamers.

I was an early Wii enthusiast but quickly found the technology glitchy and my living room wasn’t very conducive to four adults playing tennis — I developed a malaise for the offering after a couple of months.  With that said, it was an engaging product that created digital experiences in a very new and immersive way. 

In a very similar fashion, I’m extremely excited about the Google Tilt Brush “app” being release with the HTC headset. The ability to paint a 3d world seems like a very engaging activity but I am curious what the lifespan of the “game” will hold for those with no interest in drawing — a lot of people would rather be playing a fully immersive Call of Duty?

The big takeaway from the demos available so far, is that this is a completely different user focused environment than we’ve ever created for popular consumption — it’s a big step forward. It illustrates the radical change that is going to present itself for consumers, psychologists, artists, and advertisers. In the next couple of years virtual advertising environments, building tours, social networks, customer service experiences, and Facebook walls will all be migrating towards this immersive, compelling, and potentially addictive environment. 

Here’s a collection of videos about Tilt Brush — a very complete tour of Google’s Tilt Brush is provided at Ars Technica.