A Simple Simple Short Shot

We Need 1 Social Media Messenger - Not 3.

Why don't Facebook and Instagram just merge already?

Yep – it’s yet ANOTHER communication tool that leans more toward stickers, digital puppy dog faces and emojis than it does actual communication. While these Snapchatifying changes worked well in Instagram, it’s unfathomable that we could possibly want another version of this app.

Why doesn’t Facebook consolidate?

It’s common knowledge that Facebook owns Instagram, making these two apps almost as connected as Facebook and Messenger since Facebook’s efforts to disassociate the two. Users must download the Messenger app as a standalone app and don’t need to have a Facebook account to use the messaging system. What’s stopping them from connecting Instagram to this app as well? And from making their messenger app the catch-all for this deluge of direct messages, photo messages, voice messages?

Currently, if you send a direct message in Instagram or Facebook it’s trapped with that section of that particular app. Trust me, there’s no one who wants to check 10 different apps on their phone just to see the same stories across three of them, nor do people want to update their life on several apps. Wouldn’t the social world be a better place if you could consolidate at least your Facebook and Instagram messages, direct photos and story comments into one app? That app integration would give Snapchat a run for it’s money.

Facebook could keep rocking the world of businesses, events, and live video around the world. It’s still the place where people create events, get recommendations, find local businesses and have public conversations. Instagram is the “other half” – a visual media to share stories and curated photos including their new carousel feature. Somewhere in the middle lies a communication tool that combines Facebook’s messaging and wifi calls with the direct messages and photos of Instagram. Users weren’t happy when Facebook broke off Messenger into it’s own app, but it’s still accessible from Facebook and creates a better experience for messaging; integrating Instagram could only make it stronger.

The bottom line of all this Snapchatification is that we’re hitting a fever pitch of social media apps that do the same thing. Hopefully we’ll see a winner rise from from the mess to be the dominant app for this type of communication – a style that seems to be here to stay. 😐