Feb 23, 2017

A Simple Simple Short Shot

Google Outrank Share Explained For Marketers.

How even small businesses can get their name in the top spot on the search engine results page.


The top spot on a search engine results page (SERP) is valuable property. Study after study shows that the first result gets a third of the traffic, especially when you compare branded results and certain sectors like airlines. A study from Advanced Web Ranking shows the importance of that primary listing on a SERP: 30% of clicks go toward the first result - twice as many as result #2.

The First Three Results Get All The Clicks

The importance is obvious, but how do you get to the very top? Google’s Outrank Share tool gives you an easy way to target a competitor and get your results above their ad.

Google Outranking Share is an bidding strategy that assists in getting our adwords to come before a specific competitor. This strategy is a great tool when directly competing in the same keyword auctions as our highest competitor - and outrank their ads in Google search results.

For example - if we were working with a burger restaurant, we would want our ads to appear above our major competitor - Restaurant X. If we know that Restaurant X has a strong adwords campaign, we can specifically bid higher on similar keywords like “Best Calgary Restaurants” or “Restaurants in Calgary”.

When setting up this kind of bid strategy, only one competitor can be targeted per campaign. Google uses the domain name to determine what ads the competitor is using and where they are ranked. Through our auction insights, we analyze the Ad Rank and Quality Score of each keyword to establish what specific keywords would benefit from this bidding strategy.

With Google Outrank Share, we are able to better optimize our adword campaigns to beat out our competitors within search advertising. Which means our adwords campaigns have a better chance of getting on top - an important attribute when the number one spot means a third of the traffic.

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