Who We Are...

We are a Calgary web design team that launches recognizable brand campaigns wrapped with our quirky media agency slant.

We create strategy. We design. Buy. Socially engage. And report -- progressive brands, restaurant campaigns, and mobile web experiences.

We frame a global understanding for a brand's goals, creative, and long term ad buy pipeline so that there's a social and digitally executional roadmap.

johan denooij, digital director

Johan’s in-depth understanding of the technical aspects that drive the internet enables vast digital visions to be successfully executed. His experience and expertise architecting web projects ensures feature-rich, scalable results for companies of scale.

Johan has over 14 years of experience developing for a digital marketing agency and overseeing development teams that design corporate intranets, cloud applications and custom responsive websites. He is the digital director and a full partner at Simple Simple.

jfry craig, creative director

Jfry’s direction allows brands to blossom -- marketing strategies that marry digital channels, social and ad buys. His expertise rests in placing offline material within harmonized digital systems that emphasize goal conversion, modal concepts, and maximizing budgetary impact through effective digital solutions, SEO execution, and memorable creative.

Jfry has over 10 years experience operating digital design firms. He is the creative director, and founder of Simple Simple.

Our Team

Our team features brand designers and social media experts through to SEO analysts, and digital project management. Each campaign receives a dedicated team so that brand continuity and direction is always emphasized with a core of individuals best suited to the project.

As occasions present themselves, we work with a roster of freelance talents and agencies so that we can most effectively realize a client’s vision. Our freelance network consists of award-winning photographers, inspired content creators, and strategic PR teams.

Ad Buys

Our core business is buying digital advertising for our clients. We specialize in personalized programmatic advertising that creates the feel of an organic experience for our brands.

We execute on search advertising (adwords), display advertising, video advertising, and social network placements. Our ad buy expertise is unique because of the sheer volume of units that we've delivered on emerging channels like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Brand Strategy

A brand has to know where it exists in the present and where it's striving to be in the future.

We excel at creating a long term vision for a brand using analytics, market trends, and creative digital solutions to give business groups an executable understanding of the future. In the short term, our campaign strategy helps to create brand awareness through ad buys, creative design repositioning, and multi-channel harmonized social messaging.

Creative Design

At the heart of any advertising firm is the ability to execute on creative artwork and copy that captivates the attention of the core audience.

Our design team includes a classic illustrator and digital website specialists. Our copy team includes SEO and narrative experts. It's very important that we're able to effectively marry the business needs of our clients with an aesthetic and message that speaks to their users.

Digital Development

From web development to SEO marketing or social media management, we provide all the technical components required to execute a contemporary intergrated marketing campaign.

We create responsive websites, custom social content, online contest engines, and intranet services for our clients. We are experienced at deploying digital and social campaigns at a national level that compliment offline and advertising goals.