Sep 22, 2016

A Simple Simple Short Shot

Twitter gives brands a new social media tool

Customer support accounts let people engage online with businesses on mobile and desktop.


In a very smart move, Twitter is aligning themselves as a place for businesses to connect with their customers. Arguably, this is already one of the best uses for the platform (next to up-to-the-second news gathering) because individuals can reach out to companies without having to track down phone numbers, customer support channels or even websites. Capitalizing on this, they’ve added a couple tools that will hopefully make Twitter an indelible force for both brands and users.

Uber's Customer Support Twitter Account

The two big changes to benefit brands:

  1. Customer service visibility:

    • Indication that the account provides support.

    • Support hours can be added to the profile, letting users know when they can expect to hear back, reducing frustration.

  2. Customer service capabilities:

    • A prominent button on the profile page messaging easier to find.

    • Brands can receive direct messages from anyone, not just followers.

    • Theoretically, less loud, undirected complaints smeared across Twitter.


However, brands need to be aware:

  1. Just because people can privately connect with customer service doesn’t mean they will. Sometimes people want to complain loudly, vehemently and publicly.

  2. Customer service accounts are yet another account to maintain, and you have to ask yourself, is it worth it?

  3. With so many brands launching multiple accounts will this only add to the clutter?

Brands with multiple Twitter accounts