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Snapchat releases Memories on Mobile

The social media app that perfected transiency just instituted permanency, making it more accessible for brands to advertise and market online.

Snapchat just announced their new Memories feature allowing people to save Snaps, Stories, and to post photos from the camera roll. There’s an added ‘My Eyes Only’ section where users can password protect Snaps they don’t want to share with anyone else, and a search function (using object recognition) so users can search through their images, and find past Snaps to post again. Memories is a massive roll out for the app that staked its claim with a disappearing act, including in-depth features that almost turn it into editing software, but the bottom line is that Memories turns Snapchat into something usable for brands.

Aspects of Snapchat Memories that are useful to brands:

Save Snaps before posting them.

  • When you’re out and about you can take Snaps to post later.
  • Editing and decorating can happen when you have more time.
  • Save photos to use in a project later

Make Stories out of Memories.

  • Using photos stored in your Memories you can weave together new Stories.
  • You can even use saved Stories as part of a new Story.
  • Stories can encompass many days of memories and then be posted all at once.

Save individual Snaps or entire stories to post again later.

  • Stories are repeatable.
  • Stories and Snaps can be saved for later.

How brands can use this to their advantage:

Post photos/videos from multiple locations

  • For chains of restaurants and retail stores, stories can now be made out of compiled snaps and photos – anything saved in a camera roll is fair game. Stores across the country, continent or world can send photos to one user, who can then take those photos, edit them and create a story from one account. This is a massive step forward for brands.

Save entire stories to post again another time

  • Stories can be curated, designed and saved. A nightclub with a specific drink special – like Margarita Mondays – can make a Story just for that drink special and use it weekly. Individual Snaps from larger Stories can be saved independently, and short Stories can be stitched together to form a longer story.

Stories are going to become higher quality

  • With 24 hour stories it wasn’t worth the time or effort to make the story particularly designed, as it would only disappear in a day, however, with the ability to use it again (and being able to craft it from your camera roll) means the quality can be much higher. The production quality is going to dramatically change on Snapchat (which is a good thing).

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